The Ministry

House of Comfort & Refuge Ministries (God’s Temple For All People), Inc. is a non-denominational Pentecostal ministry. Since we started in 1998, our focus has always been on the complete well-being of a person. We strive to follow the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ who ministered to the physical needs of man so that we could freely receive His spiritual blessings.

This outreach ministry of Jesus Christ will:

  • Develop programs and services to stimulate, motivate, and encourage one’s commitment to Jesus Christ;
  • Promote Christian Fellowship among believers of Jesus Christ;
  • Enhance members' knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith;
  • Seek to ensure the quality of life among all people; and
  • Create opportunities that will build and sustain positive relationships with families and members of the local community.

Church History 

The "House of Comfort and Refuge Ministries God Temple for all People" was officially founded on May 1, 1998. However, it was conceived by divine inspiration to the pastor and co-founder, Elder Lionel Leonard, in February 1983. The Lord further

confirmed His ordination of this "Non-Denominational" ministry through the assistant

pastor and co-founder, Evangelist Vivian Wilson, in February 1998.

As the Lord ministered to them, they acknowledged His will and accepted the charge

to start this ministry of Jesus Christ. In February 1998, the Lord revealed to Pastor

Leonard that he would send a messenger within 30 days to confirm His will. Around the same time, the Lord revealed to Evangelist Wilson that "Now is the Time" to establish a place of worship for women who have been hurt in the "Name of Jesus" and for families seeking spiritual guidance.

The first planning meeting was held on Sunday, April 19, 1998, in Tallahassee, Florida. Following a brief introduction of all participants, plans were made for the establishment of the "House of Comfort and Refuge Ministries God Temple for all People, Inc."

The ministry was officially incorporated on May 1, 1998. Regular worship services started on July 12, 1998, at the Quality Inn in Tallahassee, Florida. On September 5, 1998, the Lord spoke to Pastor Leonard, during a highly anointed worship service, and told him the search for a sanctuary has ended. Within three days, someone will contact the ministry and offer a place for worship. t

On the second day, Tuesday, Pastor R. Ash, contacted the ministry to see if we were interested in using the church in Havana for ministry. This was exactly as the Lord had revealed. Our first service in Havana was held on October 5, 1998.

Later, the Lord miraculously blessed the ministry with a 4-acre plot to begin building the vision of the ministry. This is just the beginning. Share with us in the growth and development of the Lord’s ministry!

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